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ASCLS Spring Membership Recruitment Special:
All NEW members who join ASCLS after March 1 receive membership through 7-31-2013.
Just in time to attend your state spring meeting at the Member Registration Rate!
New members can join online (the quickest method) or mail/fax in an application.
Current members, use this opportunity to recruit your colleagues.

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Promotes the VALUE of the clinical laboratory science profession in all arenas possible
  • Strives to be the VOICE for the laboratory practitioner in the workplace, the classroom, the community, the legislative arena, and all for the good health of the public
  • Is actively defining the VISION of the future of the profession
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  • Promote the value of our profession to healthcare & the public
  • Unite the profession to speak with one voice
  • Provide quality standards and patient safety
  • Have opportunities for professional development through networking and continuing education

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Tracy Vrba

ASCLS Membership - What's In It For Me?
By: Lezlee Koch, Region V Director & A Proud ASCLS Professional Member Since 1974!

Job satisfaction comes from working alongside people I respect and enjoy. But circumstances change. Personnel come and go. The professional chemistry that worked so well one year may not be there the next.

There is, however, one sure way to guarantee I'll always be surrounded by colleagues who are stimulating, positive professionals and that is to renew my membership in the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS). To be a true professional I know I must be a professional member in an organization that promotes and advocates for my profession. Just by being an active member in ASCLS is an attestation that I am a true professional not just a laboratory worker and my membership instantly widens my circle of professional contacts and friends to a family of 10,000!

ASCLS membership dissolves the barriers that cut me off from peers across town and across the nation. It opens the doors to many opportunities for advancing my career.

Among all the associations serving the many specialties within clinical laboratory science, ASCLS is unique. ASCLS is led by clinical laboratory science professionals just like me - professionals who understand the demands I face and my desire for professional recognition - and not physicians or other healthcare professionals.

ASCLS brings together the concerns of all clinical laboratory science professionals. ASCLS, through its members, speaks for the whole profession in a voice strong enough to gain respect and recognition for my contribution to health care. In other words… as an ASCLS member instead of speaking as a single practitioner, my voice, my value and my vision rings out with the strength of 10,000 voices. I know I am heard and that what I do brings true value to health care.

The top benefits I receive everyday from my ASCLS membership and that I don't receive just working in the profession includes:

Bottom line… It's my life, it's my choice, I am the captain of my own ship and I choose ASCLS membership as it provides me a professional path to an awesome professional journey, happiness and success. My ASCLS professional membership allows me "to serve, to care, to give back to my profession and to make a difference… is there anything greater or more beautiful in this world!" I think not!

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