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Yahoo! Groups is a service from Yahoo! that operates as both electronic mailing lists and Internet forums. As well as providing e-mail relaying and archiving facilities, the Yahoo! Groups service provides additional functions on the web site, such as photo album, calendar system and file uploading.  New users are required to register with Yahoo! Groups for membership and can join the ASCLS-NE Discussion Group with approval by the Group moderator. The basic mailing list functionality requires a Yahoo! ID. Members can choose whether to receive individual e-mails or daily digest e-mails, or to read the posts at the web site.

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The package where the ASCLS-NE website is hosted includes the ability to set up email addresses with the domain name.

These email accounts must be set up manually so you will need to use the feedback form below or contact and request an ASCLS-NE email account. Since they are set them up manually, it will take 24 hours or less (usually less) to activate. All that is needed is your first and last name. Unless there is some overwhelming need not to, the naming convention that will be used is your The initial password will be nebraska.

After activation, access your new email account online at All management of your new email account must be done via this web site. The first time you access your account, you are highly encouraged to change your password. You can set your password to anything you like but must be at least 7 characters in length.

These accounts are POP3 compliant and can therefore be accessed from anywhere via the web ( or with virtually any email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora, etc. Help with configuring one of these email clients can be found by clicking here.

The account will be yours to use as you see fit so long as it is legal. There are size limits on attachments, mailbox size limits, etc. Details can be found here.

Hope you find this service useful! Enjoy!

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The ASCLS-NE Chat Room service allows you to type directly to each other in real-time. This is the ultimate interactive webtool.

This is a java-based chat service that works in any java-enabled browser, allowing you to easily meet new people and friends from around the world.

Text Messaging Abbreviations - A Guide to Understanding Online Chat & Smiley Faces

Video conferencing today is broken: typically requiring cumbersome downloads, logins, and endless contact lists, it too often becomes a service that is slow and unreliable. Enter tinychat. Tinychat delivers dead simple video conferences without the extraneous ad-ons and inconvenience, making video conferencing an accessible, uncomplicated experience. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux; with Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome; and there is a version available for iPhones. You can have up to twelve people in a room with HD video, protected by passwords and moderators, share your desktop with them, and your conferences can be recorded and embedded on your website. But the best news is this -- we can provide all of these awesome features in a package that is attractive, streamlined, and easy to understand. Tinychat is the ultimate meeting solution for those who want to meet without stress and hassle. Please contact us with any and all questions.

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